Small payday loan, no interest

You can borrow a sum of money between 50 and 1000 euros within 20 minutes . Therefore, is ideal for closing small loans. If you are looking for a quick, small loan, then is perhaps your lender. can be seen as a kind of advance on your salary.

Conditions flexible payday loan

To conclude a loan , you have to meet a number of conditions. Firstly, you may not have a late payment at the time of application. If you already have another loan and you have not met the payment terms, you cannot close a loan . However, if you have a negative , you can basically just borrow money . you have to deposit a deposit. A friend or perhaps a family member can stand surety for you, but you can also take out insurance for the guarantor.

Borrow money

Borrow money

You can borrow money as follows. First you fill out a non-binding application form, which takes about 5 minutes. After completing the form, your request will be checked and you will receive a provisional account. Once you have an account you can borrow money. You can borrow amounts between 50 euros and 1000 euros, but the first time you borrow money at you can only borrow 400 euros. After approval, the requested amount will be paid to your account as soon as possible. Applications are processed between 9.00 and 21.00 on working days.

Payday loan without testing

A payday loan without testing can also be closed , because your is not looked at.

Maximum loan

You can lend you up to 1,000 euros. You can borrow up to 400 euros for your first loan. first wants to investigate whether you are fulfilling your appointments.

Too late paying off a loan

Too late paying off a loan

What happens if you do not pay off your mini credit with ? In that case, the statutory interest will be charged, which will be between 2.2% and 4.4%. Also, collection costs are charged, which are at least 40 euros. It is therefore highly recommended that before you close a loan , be sure that you can pay it off. If you pay the loan neatly back in time, then you have no costs other than the loan amount. If you are too late, then your loan can suddenly become very expensive.

Maximum maturity

The maximum maturity of a loan is 30 days, so you have to repay your loan quickly. Make sure you pay off your loan on time, so that you get no problems. You must pay off your loan no later than 12:00 noon on the last day of the term.