Looking for a payday loan without payslip ? Most payday loan can be closed without payslip, without testing or with registration.

What is a payday loan without payslip?

You can usually close a payday loan without having to submit a payslip . When closing a payday loan you specify how much money you want to borrow, your data as name, address and bank number and for example the desired maturity. For a pay slip, most minilines are not asked. You can close a payday loan for loans between 100 and 800 euros .


As already mentioned, you can close payday loan between 100 and 800 euros . However, this does not mean that you can immediately conclude the highest minilines. Usually you can borrow up to 400 at 500 euros during the first payday loan, because the provider of the payday loan wants to investigate whether you will refund your minilines in time. If you have paid your payday loan without a pay slip neatly, you can close a higher payday loan. After two or sometimes three payday loan you can finally borrow the maximum amount.

Duration payday loan without payslip

The maturity of a payday loan without payroll is variable. Sometimes you can indicate how long the maturity should be, for example you can choose between a maturity of 15, 30 or 45 days, but this does not apply to all providers. Sometimes you cannot choose the maturity of your loan yourself without a pay slip. As you probably already see, the maturities of minilines without payroll are very short. This means that you have to have enough money to pay off the loan quickly. A payday loan without a pay slip is therefore in principle very handy, but you must be able to pay it off. So always make sure that you carefully check with yourself whether you can pay the payday loan.

Cost payday loan without payslip

Cost payday loan without payslip

What are the costs of a payday loan without a payslip ? In principle, there are no costs for mini credits without payslip. For most minilines you only pay interest. There will only be costs if you are late with paying off your payday loan. These costs can be very high, which makes it definitely important to always pay your payday loan back in time.

A payday loan without payslip is without testing . Minilining providers do not look at your if they provide you with a loan, so you can close a payday loan without payroll without testing.

Payday loan without pay slip with registration

Because there is no look at your registration at payday loan without pay slip, you can also borrow money without pay slip with registration . So if you have a negative registration, you can borrow money without a pay slip.