Loan with payment at the post office

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You don’t have your own bank account, but you need money? Nothing lost. See the pros and cons of postage payday loans.

A few years ago, a loan could only be taken out at the lender’s stationary point by visiting the company’s office first, the bank. However, a number of documents had to be completed. With the development of internet technology, online loan companies have emerged that are gradually improving their services, especially bank transfers. Thanks to them, we can receive money directly to the account immediately after the conclusion of the contract. However, are there alternative forms of receiving the funds awarded?


GIRO check loan

GIRO check loan

Not every borrower wants the money from the new commitment to go to him through a bank transfer. Why? It would seem that this is the fastest and most effective form of receiving money. We have to put ourselves in the position of a person who, for example, has an account taken by a bailiff. Then it will be reasonable that the customer simply wants to get the money “in hand” to be able to allocate it for specific purposes without fear. Another thing is that many people still don’t have their own bank account for a variety of reasons. They prefer to receive their salary at the company’s ticket office or at the Post Office. The GIRO check loan is the ideal solution for such people.


What is a GIRO check?

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GIRO is a form of fast cash transfer which the customer receives at the Behappy Financing outlet. As the dictionaries state, “GIRO” comes from the Italian language and means “turnover”, in other words the circulation of money. Many customers cannot imagine their lives without the use of electronic payments, credit cards, payment cards, but even such customers can take advantage of the loan with payment at the post office. This can be helpful when we quickly need money for a purpose, e.g. buying a car, and we have been obliged to pay in cash. In this situation, we immediately receive the allocated funds, without visiting a bank, which usually charges a commission for the operation of withdrawing a large sum from a savings account.


A loan with collection at the post office?

A loan with collection at the post office?

We can collect money at Behappy Financing via the GIRO check via Bank Daisy. It is ideal for people who want to receive cash immediately. However, to be able to quickly get money through a GIRO check, you must meet three basic conditions. First, go to the nearest point of Behappy Financing. Secondly, show your ID card on the spot, and thirdly present the so-called check that the customer will receive along with the loan agreement. You need to know that a money transfer using a GIRO check works much faster than a traditional transfer from which we collect money at the post office. Trying to summarize information on loans with post office pickup and GIRO check, which allows you to quickly collect cash, it should be said that they are addressed to customers who value fast and secure money transfer.


Does every lender offer a GIRO check?

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Unfortunately, this is not a very common service, which means that not every lender offers this form of money transfer. For sure, the GIRO check is offered by, among others, Gusion Latsy. A customer who intends to take a long-term installment loan in Gusion Latsy should mark the “transfer via GIRO check” in the registration form as the form of receiving the money. As soon as the application is approved and accepted, the borrower receives a confirmation along with the contract – the GIRO payment form, i.e. a check with transaction details. With this check, the customer must go to the post office to collect the cash.


Loan with payment at the post office – advantages and disadvantages

Loan with payment at the post office - advantages and disadvantages

Let’s look at the pros and cons of money transfer via GIRO, because there is never a situation in which a given service remains flawless. And as we will see on the example of a GIRO check check loan, there will also be a lot of advantages of this type of money collection.


• for people who do not have a bank account

• for people who do not want to use online payments

• fast money transfer

• collection at every point of Behappy Financing

• no commission for cash withdrawals, as in the case of a bank



• the obligation to make a personal intercession at Behappy Financing

• if there is no Polish Post office nearby, we must spend a lot of time traveling

• if we forget the GIRO check and ID card, we will not receive the money

• the danger of having such a large amount of money with you (in the case of the highest loan in Gusion Latsy up to $ 10,000)

To sum up, the GIRO check is a very easy and clear way to receive money received from the lender. The loan service without a bank account should be of particular interest to people who do not want to use online payments and do not intend to set up a bank account with electronic support.


Loan for a GIRO check – what is the reception at the post office?

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When applying for a loan, in the case of some offers from non-banking companies, we will be able to choose to collect the money incurred. The pickup loan at the post office is available at the Behappy Financing office of our choice. Another option is to receive cash into your bank account. If we choose a loan for a GIRO check, we will not have to make a verification transfer to the lender’s account, which is to confirm personal data on the bank account provided in the form. A loan without a bank account is mainly for people who do not have a bank account to which the loan would be sent. It is also a convenient way for people who want to receive cash in their own hands with personal pickup. When we receive a positive response from the lender, we receive a contract from the courier along with a check that we have to make at the post office. The courier during the transmission of documents verifies our identity by legitimizing us with an ID card. With the check we receive, we go to the nearest Behappy Financing branch of our choice and receive cash in hand. We also repay the commitment made at the post office.