As with credit, do not give up the pleasure of shopping

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Do you have a loan but don’t want to give up shopping? See how to wisely spend money so as not to fall into a debt spiral.

We live in an era where unwanted shopping is not difficult. We are tempted from everywhere by news, suggestive ads, seasonal sales, bargain discounts, promotional newsletters, 2 for 1 campaigns and the like. It is not surprising then that the number of loans, even those 0%, is constantly increasing. After all, no one likes to “lag behind” when it comes to possessing material goods. Therefore, instead of trying to fight this common phenomenon, it is better to find a wise way for it.


Online means more convenient and … cheaper

Online means more convenient and ... cheaper

Are you sure you have come across group purchases during which a product or service is cheaper? This is one way to not have to give up shopping pleasure. There is only one problem – SendOn portals, Sharemore Sales or ManyDeal have short-term special actions. This means that to save one-time “you have to take it when it is”, not when there is a real need to buy.

But there is another way to receive discounts online – these are discount codes . It will be more accurate to write that now you can use this method also outside the Internet, because in selected stationary stores. This modern alternative to newsletters, seasonal sales and special campaigns has a number of advantages. Get to know them all.


A choice full of benefits

A choice full of benefits

Percentage discounts, refunds for purchases, free delivery, Pink Weekend and Black Weekend are just some of the benefits provided by one of the most popular programs available on the web. Discount codes are on the agenda here and allow you throughout the year to access a huge number of promotions in competing stores of the most popular brands representing all categories and industries.

This user-friendly shopping platform saves time, because the best offers are virtually the same – without the need for tedious page browsing. To do this, just use the convenient search engine. In addition, the most current and most profitable suggestions are always displayed to the user first.

In addition, Swabtowani is one of the few offers its registered users cashback, i.e. a refund of a certain amount of money spent on shopping. And specifically – if you collect 50 gold in your account, you can transfer to your bank account or give to charity Involved program, which creates a unique opportunity to share the good possessed.

But don’t worry, we’re talking about wise spending in the face of loan repayment … Swabtowani has over 300 stores from various industries in their database, thanks to which they can offer over a million products at great prices, from which always a percentage goes back to the account customer. It is worth considering it. So if you have credit repayments on your mind, you are looking for price offers and you are happy to get cashback, Swabtowani invites you to successful purchases with discounts.